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Our Vision

Autark's ambition is to help our clients help themselves. Your organisation will not be cluttered with consultants, frightening and aggravating the workforce; rather you can empower your personnel while saving millions of dollars, euros and pounds in unnecessary consulting.

Our teams have already aided companies to achieve billion dollar savings, best-in-class quality and full integration of suppliers to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

"[Autark] stretched management perception of capabilities and enhanced our drive to transform delivery (on time, exceed expectations), improved organisation capacity and improved revenue streams."

(CEO, tier-one supplier during C-Level coaching for BPO)

Our Expertise

Autark's expertise is providing expert coaching. We have worked within multiple industries and can help leverage both your expertise and the expertise in your company. From finance, high-tech, defence, automotive and manufacturing industries, through to IT-software and strategy consultancies, we possess an unrivalled breadth of knowledge.

Our CV includes Ford, Daimler, HVB, Deutsche Bank, SAP, G&D and Mannesmann and the greatest difference between Autark and our peers is we offer considerable business experience alongside dedicated one-on-one coaching and support for your teams.


Our Way of Working

Autark enjoy a 17-year history in three extremely complex environments: "Total Value Management", "Full Service Supplier Management", "Strategy and Governance" and "Launch Management".

Total Value Management

We increase your profit margin by understanding the customer and focusing on the investment to deliver 'right products' through all your company departments.

Full Service Supplier Management

We offer customer-focused expertise and cost structures. By building trust and integrating suppliers, you free-up your workforce to focus on higher value delivery.

Strategy and Governance

We coach your employees and support your management decisions for projects and investments with in-house expertise. The structures and tools we utilise are key to developing trust.